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Statement of my personal beliefs

I believe the Scripture alone is inspired by God, and is complete, sufficient and infallible without error and is the sole rule of faith and practical living.

I believe Scripture declares there is only one eternal God and since the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all called God, the conclusion therefore is these three persons are the one God.

I believe Scripture declares mankind is ineligible to follow Godís law, and voluntarily refuses to give God the worship, adoration, love, obedience He deserves. Godís law is the standard by which everyone will be judged on Judgment Day. Everyone is guilty of all of Godís laws and personally deserves the penalty of multiple death sentences, the anger of a just God--eternal punishment.

I believe Scripture declares God is just and plan to deliver mankind from a deprived state is by divine grace through the Messiah the sole mediator between God and man. The Atonement of the Messiah is the one sufficient act whereby all who call upon Him in faith may enter into the blessings and benefits of redemption.

I believe Scripture declares the Son (a.k.a. Jesus) is the Messiah (a.k.a. the Christ).

I believe Scripture declares the Messiah is uniquely fully God and fully man; born by a virgin; lived a perfect sinless life; suffered and died; physically arose from the dead; ascended to the Father; and will physically return to judge the world.

I believe Scripture declares salvation solely by Godís grace through justification by faith alone and is applied to us by the sole work of the Holy Spirit enabled by the Scripture.

I believe Scripture declares regeneration by the Holy Spirit starts with a calling by a conviction of sins and enlightens our minds with the knowledge of the Messiah resulting in a voluntarily response in saving faith as enabled by the Holy Spirit.

I believe Scripture declares to escape the wrath God we must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ trusting alone to his blood and righteousness. This faith is attended by repentance for the past and leads to holiness in the future. Repentance for the past (evidence of regeneration) is how we out of a true sense of sins and understanding the mercy of God with grief and hatred of personal sin turn from it to God with full purpose to strive after new obedience.

I believe Scripture declares we are saved by a sovereign, graceful, eternal act of God, (not based on any of mans merit) where He chooses for salvation all those whom He forknew would accept Him. We "confess"... agree with God that our sin is wrong. He legally declares us "Not Guilty". He sets us apart - "to be made holy". And He adopts us as sons, heirs, and places us in His family where we do not naturally belong.